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-About Maui Dual Sport-

MAUI DUAL SPORT aims to deliver the exploration of Maui on 2 wheels with fellow on and off-road riding enthusiasts. A Dual Sport experience unlike any other, we are here to give you the riding adventure of a lifetime!

Unlike heavy cruiser bikes, exploring Maui on a lighter, quicker, more versatile bike brings the thrill of your adventure to a whole new level!

Maui has become a favorite amongst riders for its amazing weather, long, smooth roads with perfectly banked corners, ideal off-road opportunities, and let’s not forget the incredible, breath-taking views.


From mauka (toward the mountain) to makai (toward the sea), Maui offers an ideal opportunity for motorcycle afficionados to thrive no matter what your skill level.

In addition to solo moto rentals we also offer tours guided by a team of experienced riders. If you prefer a more personalized excursion, customizable private tours are also available upon request. Allow us to share the renowned beauty of Maui enriched with a touch of adrenaline.







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