Maybe the coolest new "vehicle" to ever come to the Hawaiian Islands! They are classified as an auto-cycle so a motorcycle endorsement is NOT required. You only need to have a valid drivers license!!! Checkout video here... https://youtu.be/1vEaaqUiLZY


 Aloha and welcome to Maui Dual Sport. Whether you’re looking to rent a motorcycle or scooter for a quick day trip around Maui or you want a long term rental motorcycle to ride for your entire vacation, Maui Dual Sport has the rides you want as you travel the Valley Isle. There’s nothing like touring the Hawaiian Islands from the open 360 degree view seen only from a motorcycle or scooter. With the west Maui mountains on one side and the clear Pacific Ocean on the other. Our convenient location located in the middle of the island just minutes from the airport here in Kahului right off Hana Hwy, is the perfect starting point for your island riding adventure.

  Why you should rent a dual sport motorcycle in Maui

Visitors come from all over the world come to Maui for the great weather and beaches but many do not realize what amazing motorcycle riding we have here as well! Sure you can rent a big boring Harley that will limit you on where you can go but to really experience the best parts of the island you need a dual sport motorcycle. Here are the top 5 reasons to rent a dual sport bike from us.

1. Accessibility, many of Maui's best secret places like backside Hana and backside Haleakala are not on a paved road. Having a dual sport allows you true freedom to not be limited by the main roads.


2. Durability, all of our bikes are equipped with crash bars, skid plates and hand guards and are designed for durability and rough conditions. They are armored enough to be able to withstand a tip over or light accident with no damage to the bike. If you accidentally drop a Harley or street bike you are looking at a big repair bill.



3. Safety, all of our tours and rentals include full riding gear. We are the only motorcycle rental company on the island which includes or even offers gear. Our gear is brand new and designed to keep you comfortable and safe in all weather conditions. Alpine stars goretex boots, Armored riding pants, ICON waterproof jacket, Thor gloves and AFX dual sport helmets in both men and womens sizes are available. 


4. Maneuverability, the Road To Hana is one of the curviest roads in the world and our bikes love the tight technical corners and unpredictable terrain. Trying to navigate multiple uphill hairpin turns on a 600lb Harley with wet roads is not to enjoyable.


5. Friendly Local Guides to show you the real Hawaii. Take a guided tour with us and we will show you incredible spots you would never find on your own along with the safety and fun of riding with a experienced local.